Dear Parent, Are You Worried That Conventional Schooling Will Undermine Your Child’s Creativity, Curiosity & Free Spirit?  

Learn How The Montessori System Encourages These Traits so they are Ahead of the Curve!

About The Event:

On the 17th of September ILM Montessori will organize a two hour Live Event  for parents of preschoolers who are eager to give their wards a definite competitive advantage. Renowned Montessori experts Anantha Padmanabha and Munira Akhtar will show you how the Montessori system: 

Focuses on developing the child's self-esteem, which will help them face & overcome challenges in life.
Encourages the love of learning, which is a critical skill in today's world which is in continious change.
Gives the child experiential learning instead of rote learning
Develops Creativity & problem solving skills.





Mr. Anantha Padmanabha has 20 years of progressive experience in the field of Education. He pursued his education in the field of Montessori and after a decade of passionate involvement with the system, he is now the Executive Director of the Indian Montessori Centre and also the Director of the IMTC, Bangalore South and Bangalore East.

About Our Speakers

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Date: Saturday, September 17th, 2016
Time: 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Duration: 2 Hours
Venue: ILM Montessori, Koramangala  (View on Google Maps)
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About ILM Montessori

Here's the hard truth:  Traditional education is now obsolete and outdated. 

Schools are regularly “failing” students by not equipping them with the skills the modern world demands.  A degree no longer guarantees a safe and secure future. 

High profile positions and entrepreneurship require candidates to “step out of the box” and embrace creative thinking

Now fast forward to 2025. 

Do you think the dull and regime bound education that most schools deliver today will stand your child in good stead when it's time for him/her to shine? 

Will your child grow up to be a problem solving champ? Or will creativity, innovation, adaptability and going with the flow be squelched by the system? 

We understand that as parents, you dream and desire best for your children in every facet of their precious lives especially education.

Driven solely by the passion to impart an education that shapes young minds and nurtures souls we share and strive to achieve your vision of giving your child the best start to his education.

Anantha Padmanabha

Munira Akhtar

Ms. Munira is responsible for continuous up-gradation of the training and the course content. The quality of the Montessori course materials is maintained under her guidance. She has great love for children and is an active supporter of Montessori Method. She works with a keen aim to see all Children benefiting from the Montessori Method.

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